Have you heard of the four gift rule?

The holidays are known to play havoc on your finances. In an effort to reign in your
spending, why not consider the "4 gift rule"?
The rule applies to kids - but you could probably adapt it to fit other people in your life as well. Simply put, limit your purchases to four gifts per child/person:
- One gift they want.
- One gift they need.
- One gift they wear.
- One gift they read.
This can be a difficult feat - especially since consumerism has become such a huge part of the season. The thing is, in the long run, a family that lives within its means and isn't overburdened with financial strains will be much happier than a family with a lot of material things.
If you have other financial strains - particularly in the area of high interest debt -- feel free to give me a call. I may be able to help.



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