Get ready for the another one!

In a recent article in the Edmonton Journal, real estate guru, Don Campbell predicts that Edmonton is on the verge of another real estate boom.
Campbell, who is president of the Real Estate Investment Network, states that “Alberta is uniquely positioned in the world to be a stable, consistent and growing source of the four things that the world is going to need over the next decade- food, fuel, fertilizer and forestry.”
Campbell has over 19 years experience in studying the real estate market and has projected that the perfect storm is brewing in Alberta. His advice? Don’t wait until the market is in a frenzy until you buy. If you do, you’ll likely pay a higher price for the home and have to compete with other offers. His suggestion? Buy now but try to stick to areas close to the core of the city or areas to be serviced by the Anthony Henday expansion such as Castle Downs, St. Albert and northeast Edmonton.


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