Moving checklist

While moving will always be stressful, there is a way to make it a little less so by organizing your efforts ahead of time. Below is a moving checklist to help with your endeavour:

Immediately after your offer is accepted:

- Start researching moving companies or truck rental companies. Remember, weekends - especially long weekends, or those at the beginning/end of a month - are high traffic moving days. Make your moving arrangements early to avoid last-minute headaches.

- Get your records in order. Contact your doctor, veterinarian, insurance agent and your child's school to find out what you have to do to transfer your records -or insurance coverage - to a new location. Use this opportunity to ask about noteworthy doctors, schools or veterinarians in your new community.

- If you have a gym membership, find out what it's going to take to cancel, transfer or sell your membership.

- If you're moving into a condo, find out what's involved in booking the elevator (i.e. deposit) and book it as soon as possible.

Two months before moving day:

- Ensure a fresh start in your new home by weeding through the clutter and tossing/giving away everything you don't need. Many charities are willing to come by your home and pick up old clothing (that is washed and in good condition) or usable furniture. If you'd like to make a bit of cash from your used goods, try an old-fashioned yard sale, or placing an ad on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace.

- Start gathering moving supplies - boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap, etc.

One month before moving day:

- Get packing! Start with the items you don't use on a regular basis. Make sure boxes are clearly marked with the new room destination as well as a list of the contents.

- Jot down items of significant value, for moving insurance purposes.

- Visit to forward your mail to your new address. It couldn't hurt to also notify your: bank; cable/phone provider; insurance company; credit card provider; hydro/utility company; doctor/dentist; and any subscriptions you may have.

Two weeks before moving day:

- Check in with your moving/truck rental company ? just to be safe. Make sure your reservation is still standing, and all the information is accurate.

- Cancel or transfer your newspaper service.

- Transfer your hydro/utilities account and your cable/phone. Make sure you cancel the services the day after you move out, and activate the hydro at your new residence the day before you move in. Your phone/cable may have to wait until the day after you move in since a representative will likely have to visit your home.

- Keep packing!

One week before moving day:

- At this point, most of your packing should be completed - everything remaining should be items you're going to use this week. Leave a few empty boxes aside for these items, as well as a bag for those things you plan to carry with you.

A few days before moving day:

- Re-confirm arrival time of your moving truck. If moving yourself, re-confirm your reservations with the truck rental company.

- Prepare a detailed map and directions for your movers including a cell phone number you can be reached at on moving day.

- Pack a travel bag with the items your family may need on moving day such as tooth brushes, change of clothing, medications, hair bushes, soap, toilet paper, paper plates and cups, aspirin, etc.

-If you are moving yourself, start dismantling dressers, tables and other large furniture.

-Empty, defrost and clean your refrigerator at least 24 hours before moving day.

Moving Day

- Make note of all utility readings (new and old home).

- Supervise movers as they load and unload the truck (or, if you're moving yourself, remember to lift with your legs ? not your back!)

- Provide movers with directions and your cell phone number.

- Designate someone to direct the movers and determine which boxes go in which rooms.

- Check for damaged items before the movers leave. Also make sure all appliances are in working order.

- Enjoy your new home!

Courtesy of Axiom Mortgage Partners


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